You get what you pay for

“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good” Isn’t the only saying true – you get what you pay for.  This is especially true when using a broker.  Most brokers that help you find financing earn a commission for successfully finding you the money you need.  Because you don’t pay them like you wouldContinue reading “You get what you pay for”

Mixed use investment property

With only 20 days to help a client purchase a small mixed use property, Royal Bank referred a deal to us as they couldn’t complete their process in time to meet the deadline. The client is an experienced real estate investor who was able to get a discount on the price

Cash is still king

I visited with a client this past week that has managed to keep his business afloat and is now seeing the fruits of hard decisions that he had to make such as refocusing, cutting expenses and micro managing costs. We met because his business is still using every penny of cash that comes in andContinue reading “Cash is still king”

Last minute…really?

“I have made an offer on a property and have removed conditions.  Can you tell me what my financing options are?”  This is a statement we hear multiple times a week from borrowers across the country that commit to tranasctions without knowing what financing options they have.