But what if our business doesn’t make enough money?

In working with a client recently, we were discussing their projections for the current year because they are looking to payout some higher interest debt on their balance sheet with less expensive debt that they thought might be available from a bank.  As we went through the math it became obvious to them that their projections were not going to be enough to meet the requirements of the bank.  As I sat with them going through some of the options, I thought I would share one of the easiest methods a business can use to sharpen up its numbers and make a better presentation to a bank. Continue reading “But what if our business doesn’t make enough money?”

So what if the US shuts down? (again)

So the headlines and some Twitter feeds are making mention of a story that seems to be getting tired (and I am not even an American).  The US Government is again in the position of having to make 11th hour decisions and agreements to raise the debt ceiling so that it can meet its obligations that it does not have the cash to pay for.  I say tired because this is not the first time that the US has been in this position and suffice to say that it won’t be the last.  Without a plan or without making very difficult decisions these types of last minute fires are hard to avoid. Continue reading “So what if the US shuts down? (again)”

That moment when someone asks “can you afford it”

I had breakfast today with a colleague who is in the commercial industrial sales/leasing market and we were talking about that moment he has with clients when they do a gut check about financing.  He gave me some examples of clients that take months to consider a real estate transaction only to get to a point where then have to answer questions like: Continue reading “That moment when someone asks “can you afford it””

Ok – so when do I get the money?

I heard this questions twice in one hour today from individuals looking for money and thought I would take a moment to speak about it for everyone who is not in our business as a way of letting you into our world.

It seems more and more theses days that we have less and less time. Certainly when it comes to borrowing money most people don’t want to get bogged down in the “stuff” associated with mortgages and loans. Credit reports, applications, numbers, financial statements and what seems to be a million other things are just Continue reading “Ok – so when do I get the money?”

$9,000 almost cost a client their new construction home

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes we get to the last days of a deal when all of the pieces can be broken a part by one small unforeseen change. Recently we helped a client purchased a newly constructed townhouse with a well known builder who at the last moment had one of these unforeseen changes happen. The client needed a mortgage that was equal to 80% of the purchase price and had the remaining 20% in cash as their down payment. One of the items the bank had requested was an appraisal Continue reading “$9,000 almost cost a client their new construction home”

2 clients that hated our service

It’s not every day that a company will share the complaints it receives from its customers but I thought it would be a great opportunity to address some of the things we deal with that people may not know or care to know.  Over the past 12 years I can assure you that not every client we have done some work for has been our biggest fan.  Sometimes we have made mistakes, other times we have addressed situations that in hindsight should have been handled differently.  We are people who are subject to shortcomings and failings like anyone else but we always look to make the best decisions we can to help our clients do more. Continue reading “2 clients that hated our service”