Do you own a business or do you have a job?

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This question seems to be a conversation piece that is coming up a lot in recent meetings with entrepreneurs. It’s a funny question because most entrepreneurs think they are building a business but spend their days working in their business in an actual role that they could hire out. By working in the business as an employee, the owner of a business is not being paid for the risks being taken and there is no real value being created. Generally speaking, employers look to leverage the cost of an employee to produce a return. For example, if your business pays an employee $1 you would expect to earn back the $1 plus some amount of profit to compensate you for the risk you assume running the business. The risks you assume should line up with the value you believe you can build. If your product or service is priced right and you have a stable customer base, then a business owner should be able to generate money and value without needing to do any of the work themselves. So why do business owners get stuck being employees?

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