Dec 5 Update

Onde Team – 

The sprint is on to get to the end of the year. We have been asked by a Vancouver based company if we would consider launching our platform there, and they will help us find a few more companies among their colleagues that would support us to help us get a running start. For all of the effort required, I think we will look to launch into Vancouver and Edmonton at the same time subject to marketing results coming through that evidence our ability to generate new Job Owner demand. Launching in 2 new cities will be a lot of fun but we want to make sure we can support ourselves with a proven marketing strategy after the initial activity subsides.

Worker Updates

Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

It has been great to see some companies using us consistently and this past week we saw another OndeWorker get permanent employment from a company that used them for a week and was impressed with their skills. It’s exciting to see individuals quickly and easily get into the job market without having to spend time interviewing and responding to numerous job ads.

Job Owner Updates

Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

The president of the Calgary Construction Association made a personal introduction to two companies that he felt would greatly benefit from OndeWork. I have reached out to both companies and this coming week will be meeting with one of them to discuss a regular job posting that OndeWorkers can respond to in hopes of gaining permanent employment should their skills and experience match the job duties. He has also advised that based on our results here in Calgary, he would be pleased to make an introduction to the Edmonton Construction Association when we are ready.

General Updates

My current goal is to see three new Job Owners sign up this month from our marketing efforts. Our vision is help companies that are growing by providing them with the opportunity to try OndeWorkers on a temporary basis until a permanent hiring decision is made. Because we are a marketplace, we have to balance the supply of workers with the demand from companies. This is a delicate balance right now as we are small however as we grow we need to make sure we can place workers within two to three days of signing up and we need to make sure we have the ability to service companies that post an OndeJob. As soon as we see some consistent marketing results (even if they are small) we will begin working on our launch into Edmonton and Vancouver. If all goes well, I would see us planning to launch in Toronto in the summer/fall.

As we finish out the year, it’s great to see that we are almost done correcting our missteps from this past summer. Start-ups are tough and mistakes happen but our ability to keep going will continue to serve us well. I am looking forward to seeing the demand side of OndeWork begin to fall into place and then the real work begins!

Have a great weekend and thanks for your continued help.


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