Jan 22, 2023 Update

We are in full swing with our Vancouver and Edmonton expansion. I am documenting each step of our process to build out a playbook that we can use as we expand into other cities and markets.

Worker Updates

Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

We began uploading new social media posts to our Facebook pages highlighting our expansion into Vancouver and Edmonton. At the end of the week we began running paid Facebook ads to generate new worker registrations and at the time of posting this we have had quite an influx of sign-ups. Our funnel for getting workers into a job has a few steps that new sign-ups need to go through which creates attrition at each step. We do this intentionally to help qualify people looking for work and their commitment to showing up.

Job Owner Updates

Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

We began directly contacting construction related companies in both Vancouver and Edmonton but probably started a week too early. Each company that is interested is given a unique Job Owner profile that allows them to select the skills and experience they require as well as any industry tickets or certifications needed. From their profile they can also view the available workers and because we hadn’t finished onboarding new workers from Vancouver and Edmonton the Job Owner profiles were not showing any results.

This week we are looking to see if we can secure our first job in either Vancouver or Edmonton and help new sign-ups find some work. Our goals is to have workers on jobs every week day in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver by June.

Stay tuned!


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