Questions #entrepreneurs ask – 05/22/2019

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1. For business owners that have had businesses fail, what is the best advice you can give someone planning on starting one? (00:37)

2. I am finding it difficult to manage my personal finances after starting my own business. What do I do? (05:04)

3. What is your “why” for starting your business and how has it changed since you started? (11:18)

Questions #entrepreneurs ask – 05/08/2019

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1. What is the best way to set your 5 year goals for building a business? (00:59)

2. What are some unexpected roadblocks in starting your own business and how did you overcome them? (06:07)

3. Which is more important for entrepreneurs? The ability to size up an opportunity or decisiveness acting on it? (10:39)

Bankruptcy, Receivership and Division 1 Proposals

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FACT: Many businesses fail. There are many reasons why a business fails or why a company declares bankruptcy. Most business bankruptcy happens because debt owed to secured creditors like banks and lenders or unsecured debt owed to vendors, suppliers and/or the government becomes unmanageable.

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