Equipment leasing – things you always wanted to know

Have you ever wondered about what is involved in leasing (or financing) equipment?  I chatted with Danilo (Dan) Terra of Leasex Financial this morning and we covered lots of ground.  Dan is quite optimistic about the current economy here in Alberta and is excited to see the growth that is happening with his clients.  Having beenContinue reading “Equipment leasing – things you always wanted to know”

Is your balance sheet a junk drawer or garage?

I chatted this morning with Calgary based consultant and CA, Brad Celmainis about small business finance.  Brad is an accountant with a great personality who thrives on helping small businesses.  In addition to being somewhat of an Instagram celebrity (click here for his account) Brad specializes as a contract CFO and/or controller.  We chatted aboutContinue reading “Is your balance sheet a junk drawer or garage?”

Fringe bankers. A new term I may use again (and again)

Matt Horne, Founder and CEO of DECO Windshields chatted with me yesterday in a Google Hangout about all things business finance.  Matt has built a company that generates over $5,000,000 in revenue and had lots to say about money, business and the learning curve that he has had to go on to keep the doorsContinue reading “Fringe bankers. A new term I may use again (and again)”

A chat with a private lender

I had a great time chatting with Brad Lundgren of cobra Mortgage Services Ltd. (click here for their website).  We discussed what private lending is with a particular focus on commercial transactions including hotels and motels.  Yes you have read this correctly – hotels and motels.  Brad also talked about why private lenders are importantContinue reading “A chat with a private lender”

He figured out how to calculate your credit score (thanks Richard!)

Yesterday Richard Moxley and I chatted in a Google Hangout about his book, personal credit and things people should know about the “credit game”.  Some of the points that Richard covered included: joint credit, death and divorce, how to check your credit free as well as some simple things to know that could really improveContinue reading “He figured out how to calculate your credit score (thanks Richard!)”

The cheese is always moving (thanks Bob!)

It was great to chat with Bob Dubask today from HomEquity Bank and learn more about reverse mortgages.  Clearly an underutilized but very necessary option for individuals who are aged 55 and older that need funds for a variety of reasons including paying out debt, purchasing a new home, paying for medical expenses, etc.  WeContinue reading “The cheese is always moving (thanks Bob!)”