Be careful what you ask for (you might just get it) US government shuts down


Yesterday I mused about the US government shutting down (click here) and now watching CNN I am struck by the fact that they actually did it. So now what? The US government will be able to work out a deal and turn the lights back on but until that happens this makes for interesting conversation.  How does a first world country turn off the lights?  How does the one of the most blessed countries in the world call it quits?  There are layers and layers of reasons that go way back in time however is it really that tough to figure out? Continue reading “Be careful what you ask for (you might just get it) US government shuts down”

So what if the US shuts down? (again)

So the headlines and some Twitter feeds are making mention of a story that seems to be getting tired (and I am not even an American).  The US Government is again in the position of having to make 11th hour decisions and agreements to raise the debt ceiling so that it can meet its obligations that it does not have the cash to pay for.  I say tired because this is not the first time that the US has been in this position and suffice to say that it won’t be the last.  Without a plan or without making very difficult decisions these types of last minute fires are hard to avoid. Continue reading “So what if the US shuts down? (again)”

2011 could be promising

If the past 6 months are any indication of the coming year it could be a good 2011. In our daily work we are busy helping people and businesses get the financing they want so they can do more. Over the past few months there seems to be some confidence in the market as it relates to stability. While no one has shared with us that they are expecting and significant increases in the coming year the consistent message seems to be that if 2010 was ok that 2011 will be the same if not slightly better. Continue reading “2011 could be promising”