Do you know who to #getmoney from for your business?

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Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs and business owners are always looking for money. I find it interesting that many folks running a business who need money don’t take the time to really understand how much money is actually out there and available to them. When words like “money, financing and capital” are used they can cause someone’s eyes to glaze over as these terms are associated with confusing and uninteresting concepts. The truth is that money can be complicated and boring to understand but it doesn’t have to be.

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What does it mean to have “capital support”


“Capital support” is a term I use to figure out how a business can access the capital they need to support their activities.  Many businesses owners wouldn’t consider “capital support” an item that they would specifically and intentionally address as they manage their cash flow the best they know how as capital is needed.  Taking some time to consider the sources of capital that your business has access to can help you plan your cash flow and reduce the amount of time and effort spent trying to scramble at the last moment.

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should


In keeping with my theme from yesterday (click here) I continue today with the question:  “Should renters be able to pay their rent with their credit cards?”  I fully appreciate that on the surface this may seem like a silly question however stop for a moment to consider the implication.  As with anything there may be a group of people who can handle their credit card properly and making a rent payment using their credit card would not cause undue financial strain.  However, I think it is fair to consider that there may be a larger group of people who would experience additional financial strain if they were given the opportunity to pay their rent with their credit card. Continue reading “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”