Business in a tough spot? You’re #notalone

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For almost two decades I have seen many different types of financial challenges for businesses including my own. One of the scariest moments of my life was the financial crisis of 2008/2009 as I had never witnessed or had to manage a business through a market correction. It was high speed learning and years later the lessons are still relevant not just for myself but in seeing and helping businesses manage their way through a tough spot.

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One business goes over a cliff just as another one starts

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Funny how life works out sometimes. With no expectation at all I ended up having two meetings today: one with a consultant working for a company that is walking on the edge of a cliff and a second meeting with two friends that have recently decided to get into the subprime lending business. One meeting was full of worst case scenarios while the other was full of optimism and huge¬†aspirations. The funny part is that while I enjoyed both meetings immensely I really enjoyed talking with the consultant¬†about the business that is about to go over a cliff. Strange? Continue reading “One business goes over a cliff just as another one starts”