No drama just great entrepreneurship


There was no drama.  There was no systems melt down.  Everything went as it should yesterday when Twitter went public.  Great to see another success story of entrepreneurs that start from less than nothing and by virtue of that position are forced to bend their will and work against the grain to produce something that adds more value to the world.

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I did it…I had to


Today Twitter goes public.  A company that has lost tens of millions of dollars is going public today and I bought the stock because I had to.  I am a contrarian by nature and so reading many of the news reports leading up to today means I am almost buying on principle.  I fully appreciate that the Facebook IPO was a total train wreck for lots of reasons that have been analyzed to death but I believe that Twitter is different for a lot of reasons in a lot of ways.  Social media is still evolving and I think Twitter is going to be a major part of the environment for a long time.

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