Have you filled in the gaps?

Take a look at your business right now and see if you can identify the next challenge it may face or the next opportunity it might have. Is is sales? Is it order fulfilment? Is it customer service? It is e-commerce? Over the past 6 weeks many businesses have been forced to re-evaluate what theyContinue reading “Have you filled in the gaps?”

How to have the hard conversations

Everyone has a different way of dealing with difficult circumstances. One of the keys to getting through a difficult time is to be honest about the challenges you are facing and the people that your actions (or inaction) may be impacting. In your business you have creditors, staff, the government and other people that dependContinue reading “How to have the hard conversations”

Should you take the money?

When faced with difficult situations involving the cash your business needs, it can be easy to think that finding new money to put into your business will solve your problems. Rarely does new money going into a business fix anything if there isn’t a specific plan for how it will be used and how itContinue reading “Should you take the money?”